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Sailing buoys and fenders – protection for your sailboat!

The protection of a ship is indispensable if we want to use it without worries, that’s why today we bring you the best buoys and defenses to be able to sail without problems.

The boat fender will “keep” our boat protected from any violent blow that could damage its hull, whether light or severe.

Another good way to defend our boat is with the use of a boat protection buoy, these secure our ship so we can dock without problems.

If you want to know everything about the protection of your boat shop nautical tells you everything you need to know, in addition to providing you with the best buoys and defenses across Europe.

If you are looking to choose the right protection for your ship follow them on their social networks: Twitter Instagram and Facebook or you can communicate directly with them through their email [email protected] or WhatsApp +34 629802940.

Buoys and fenders for protection 

Once in our marina docking at a wharf with other boats.

It is in this moment in which the protection of our ship becomes indispensable since any violent blow can damage it and a bad jamming can make that we even lose our ship.

That’s when we ask ourselves: How can I protect my boat?

Above all, we must be aware of currents, wind conditions, and traffic before beginning any departure or docking manoeuvre.

Taking our time to think about the maneuver prior to its execution greatly reduces the dangers that our ship may face.

Nautical fenders will protect our ship on the dock and we won’t have any problems if we hit the dock or a nearby ship.


There are numerous types of boat fenders, including blanket fenders, long pontoon fenders, boat fenders, bumper and even articulated bumper fenders, which have angles that provide corner protection. 

In the case of the sides of our ship, we can choose different defenses that fit perfectly to the gunwale and the prop. In these cases we find the comfortable inflatable fenders and also rectangular fenders.

We can also get stern bumpers and bow bumpers for our boat and the best thing is that all the bumpers mentioned can be easily placed by ourselves.

Other very good options are the mobile fenders, very convenient at the time of docking, because just assigning someone to keep it to one side momentarily, will save you from any blow.

At the time of the boat mooring we can choose the place we want, we can dock at the pontoon or do it in the safety of a buoy.

The buoys for boat also used as signaling, can be very useful at the time of protecting the boat, offering us a suitable place to dock. For example, the inflatable anchor buoy or fixed anchor buoy.

Where can you find them?

On we can always choose from the great variety of models available, so that the protection of our boat is what we are looking for and need.

With a wide assortment of buoys and fenders, their services are reliable and quality with the best market prices offering offers of up to 40% on their products.

No matter the weight or size of our ship, you have it and even offers a first shipment free of charge just by subscribing to your Newsletter.

Complying with the quality standards demanded by the EU, they offer us a select offer of Buoys and Fenders so that our boat is protected wherever we are.

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